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Health and Fitness Entrepreneur Christine Olivo Presents: Dance Fit Pro Studio []

Health and Fitness Entrepreneur Christine Olivo Presents Dance Fit Pro Studios in North Miami Florida. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. (#RJOVenturesInc) & RMNOnline Fashion Group (#RMNOnline) Respectively.

#DanceFitPro is a company that has designed multiple dance fitness programs for all your cardio workout needs. We have many different styles for your workout experience and we are creating more to come.
-Christine Olivo

Many existing gyms and studios struggle with building a successful group exercise program. Allow us to partner with your gym! We bring our programs to your facilities so that you don't have to struggle anymore. We can certify your current instructors or we can provide DanceFitPro certified instructors as well.

Source: Dance Fit Pro

  • Dance Cardio
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • and More!

Follow Dance Fit Pro on Social Media with the Hashtag #DanceFitPro

Dia Simms - President of Combs Wine & Spirits []

Dia Simms - President of Combs Wine & Spirits, featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. #RJOVenturesInc (For Promotional Use Only)

D’Angela (Dia) Simms is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, philanthropist and public speaker, whose professional journey began uniquely with her work at the Department of Defense. With positions in advertising sales and the pharmaceutical industry following, Dia Simms’ career path took an unconventional digression when she was solicited to work with music and business mogul Sean John Combs.
Source: Dia Simms

"I would tell anyone in any organization; Proctor & Gamble, Nabisco, if I went to go run the government of Croatia, that I’m going to work three times harder than anyone else. I’m not scared of hard work; that’s one thing I’m not scared of. And I would encourage a lot of people to consider how far hard work can get you." - Dia Simms

CÎROC® Combs Wine & Spirits is an expert in delivering unique product propositions and over-serving the consumer by delivering excellence in liquid and superior packaging.

Combs Wine & Spirits fosters product messaging that highlights social responsibility and is built upon an “Idea-First” environment wherein great ideas are given room to flourish and be translated into product solutions. Combs Wine & Spirits was founded in 2013 by Sean Combs.

DELEÓN® Tequila is made from the finest 100% Highland Blue Weber agave sourced from the rich earth of the Los Altos region of Jalisco. Hand-selected at harvest for high quality and peak ripeness, our plants yield the sweetest piñas, giving the tequila its abundant character and balance. 

Slow roasting of the agave in traditional brick and clay ovens, combined with slow fermentation, under the precise guidance of our master distiller contribute enriched depth and complexity to the agave’s natural sweetness, creating a remarkably nuanced character. DELEÓN® Tequila achieves this astonishing depth of flavor in just two distillations – allowing the tequila to retain the unique character acquired during the fermentation process.
Source: Combs Wine & Spirits
Combs Wine & Spirits is headquartered in New York, NY.

With your iPhone 7, Stream/Download Richard John's 'Video Game Music' on Apple Music []

With your new iPhone 7, you can stream and download 'Video Game Music' and all the other 'Mobile Game & App Music' albums on Apple Music by Richard John and Rymatica. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. 

Album: Video Game Music (In Stores Now)
Genre: #Soundtrack, #Instrumental
Producer: Richard John (#richardjohn786)
Label: #Rymatica Entertainment (
Publishing: R John Publishing (ASCAP), Rymatica Music Publishing (ASCAP), Rymatica Sounds Publishing (SESAC)

All Rights Reserved.

Contact: Richard John P.O. Box 640337 Miami, Florida 33164 786-354-1770

Download link #1: 

Download link #2:

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China's Cheetah Mobile - Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Co. []

China's Cheetah Mobile, the Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Company. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. [#RJOVenturesInc]

Chinese app developer Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM) is dominating the mobile app space worldwide. Their services apps makes our smartphone experience safer and faster. Cheetah Mobile's Clean Master helps to improve device performance; CM Security protects your phone with anti-virus software and privacy and Battery Doctor optimizes your phone battery life.

Established in 2010 under the guidance of Fu Sheng, Cheetah Mobile has grown exponentially from a ten-person startup, to a $2.7 billion market cap NYSE company. Kingsoft, is a major shareholder in the company. A good investor to have, since Lei Jun who was a former CEO of Kingsoft, runs China’s leading Android smartphone maker Xiaomi.

Outside of gaming, the company is the number two top publisher worldwide for Google Play downloads, just behind Facebook and has surpassed Google. CM Security ranks first and Clean Master ranks 3rd in the Google Play Tools category. With a massive user base of 500 million monthly active users worldwide, there's no question many people rely on the tech company.

When Cheetah Mobile originally started, the bulk of its users were using its free PC anti-virus software in China. But by Q2 in 2015, 67% of revenue comes from mobile and 50% from outside China, representing a shift to going more mobile and definitely global.

Source: Forbes

Jayanta Jenkins Named to Top Creative Post at Twitter []

Jayanta Jenkins Named to Top Creative Post at Twitter. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. For Promotional Use Only.

His previous positions held were at Beats, Nike and Gatorade.   Twitter has named the advertisement industry veteran its global group creative director, Twitter's highest creative role. Jayanta Jenkins most recently served as global creative director of advertising at Apple/Beats by Dre. 

He will oversee Twitter's in-house creative team, reporting to VP-Global Brand Strategy Joel Lunenfeld. 

"It's an extremely exciting opportunity to go from a successful advertising career into a new type of leadership role," Mr. Jenkins told Ad Age. "For me, this was exclusively about challenging myself and looking to do something that completely disrupted my approach and what people look at me as having done." 

Source: Ad Age

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs Officially Opened Capital Prep Harlem Charter School []

Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs officially opened Capital Prep Harlem Charter School (#capitalprepharlem) on August 29, 2016 in New York City. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc.

The Harlem native, approached Capital Preparatory Schools in 2011 with the idea of opening a school in his hometown. Over the next five years, Mr. Combs worked with the founder of Capital Prep, Dr. Steve Perry, “to build community support and enlist a team of educators, parents and business leaders to bring the idea to fruition.”

“Creating this school is a dream come true for me,” Combs said in a release. “I want to impact the lives of young people in my community and build future leaders. The first step is offering access to a quality education.”

Kobe Bryant opens $100 million venture capital tech fund with Jeff Stibel []

Kobe Bryant opens $100 million venture capital tech fund with Jeff Stibel. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. 

"This is one of my passions," Bryant said on CNBC after he rang the opening bell Monday on the New York Stock Exchange. "We are one gear, 100 percent laser-focused, and here we go."

Kobe announced on Monday that he's partnering up with former president Jeff Stibel to start a $100 million investment fund. The name of the company is "Bryant Stibel" and will focus on technology, media and data. It has already invested in thirteen companies, including The Players' Tribune, LegalZoom and a video game design company called Scopely.

Christine Souffrant, Haitian-American Entrepreneur on TEDxUOWD []

Christine Souffrant, Haitian-American Entrepreneur on TEDxUOWD. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc.

Haitian American entrepreneur Christine Souffrant discusses how you can change your own reality by ‘following your patterns’ – the natural talents that you are born with that transcend through industries and skills. 

A globally recognized speaker, Christine Souffrant is a Haitian American entrepreneur with 7 years of business management experience across 30+countries. As the founder of Vendedy (a mobile network connecting global travelers to street vendors of developing countries), she has been featured with IBM, Microsoft, Fast Company, Manatt Ventures etc. 

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Source: TEDx Talks YouTube

Verizon acquires Yahoo! for $4.8 billion []

Verizon acquires Yahoo! for $4.8 billion. Featured @ RJO Ventures, Inc. 
For Informational Use Only

Yahoo is poised to sell its core internet business to Verizon Communications for $4.8 billion. In acquiring Yahoo, which it will merge with its AOL operation, Verizon beat out rival bidders including Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans, whose bid had been backed by billionaire Warren Buffett. 

The New York-based communications conglomerate won’t be buying Yahoo’s 3,000 technology patents, which could be worth more than $1 billion and are being auctioned off in a separate process, sources said. Nor is Verizon buying Yahoo’s stake in Yahoo Japan or its equity chunk of China-based Alibaba. 

Headed by former Google exec Tim Armstrong, AOL is likewise aiming for Yahoo’s advertising tech tools, as well as its search engine and e-mail service. Armstrong, who had tried and failed to convince Marissa Mayer to buy AOL in 2014 before selling to Verizon, will create the third-largest internet advertiser with the Yahoo deal — albeit far behind Google and Facebook, which together control more than half of the online advertising market, according to eMarketer. AOL and Yahoo account for just 3.4 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively, of the $69 billion niche, eMarketer said.

Source: New York Post

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Set for August 2016 []

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Set for August 2016. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. ( Informational Use Only.

Microsoft announced that it will mark the one-year anniversary of Windows 10 with a major update to the software, powering more than 350 million computing devices.

“The Anniversary Update will help people be more productive, stay safer online and, of course, have fun,” Windows and Devices Group corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi said in a blog post.

The Windows 10 update set for release on August 2 promised improved security and enhanced capabilities for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Better security. According to Microsoft, there are 250 million online threats posed on any given day. While Microsoft will tell you that Windows 10 is already the most secure version of Windows ever, the company is beefing up security in the update just the same.

Advanced Inking features. Though you’ll need hardware that supports the use of a digital stylus, the Anniversary edition of Windows is said to improve the experience of writing with such a digital instrument. The so-called Windows Ink workspace is a canvas for everything ink-related.  Digital ink features include sticky notes, a whiteboard doodling area and a quick link to the Windows Store for ink-powered apps, several from third-party developers.

A smarter Cortana.

A more power-efficient Edge browser. Microsoft claims that Edge will consume less power. You’ll also be able to personalize the browser with “extensions” such as Pinterst’s “Pin It Button” and Amazon Assistant. These and others will be available in the Windows Store.

Gaming. According to Microsoft, 9 billion hours have been devoted to gameplay on Windows 10 devices. With the Anniversary update and the Xbox Play Anywhere program, you can buy a game one time and then freely play it on your Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, sharing saved games and achievements across the devices. On Xbox One, you’ll be able to summon Cortana help you find new games, see what pals are doing, and turn on your console with a “Hey Cortana, Xbox On” command. Meantime as part of a promotion that started Wednesday and runs through Aug. 14, students can save $300 when they purchase an Xbox One and Microsoft Surface at Microsoft Stores.

Education. Microsoft says more than 90% of schools in the U.S. use shared devices, and nearly half of all teachers serve as their own tech support in the classroom. A new “Set up School PCs” app for Windows 10 aims to simplify the process for educators.

Google-Backed Undersea Cable Between US and Japan Goes Online []

Google-Backed Undersea Cable Between US and Japan Goes Online. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. ( for Informational Use Only 

Google started making investments in a number of undersea cables back in 2008, but one of its largest investments was the $300 million it invested in the FASTER cable between Japan and the U.S. West Coast. Back in 2014, Google announced that it was joining a consortium of six companies, including NEC, China Mobile, China Telecom, Global Transit and KDDI, to better connect the two countries. As the company announced today, this cable is going online tonight.

The 9,000km six-fiber pair cable can deliver up to 60 Terabits per second (Tbps) of bandwidth — or as Google’s SVP of Technical Infrastructure Urs Holzle puts it, that’s “about 10 million times faster than your cable modem.”

The cable will give Google dedicated access to 10 Tbps per second over its own pair of cables that will connect Chikura and Shima in Japan to Bandon, Oregon (putting it relatively close to the company’s The Dalles data center in the state).

It’s worth noting that Google also plans to launch its Google Cloud Platform East Asia region in Tokyo later this year and the company notes that having this dedicated bandwidth for its operations will result “in faster data transfers and reduced latency as GCP customers deliver their applications and information to customers around the globe.”

While the focus of Google’s announcement is mostly on the connection between the U.S. and Japan, it’s worth noting that the FASTER network will also connect Japan and Taiwan over two fiber pairs that will offer an initial capacity of 20 Tbps. This extension between Taiwan and the two landing sites in Japan is 100 percent owned by Google (through its wholly owned Google Cable Bermuda subsidiary).

Google continues to make other undersea cable investments, too. To better connect the U.S. East Coast and Europe, for example, the company recently announced a partnership with Facebook to build the fastest trans-Atlantic undersea cable yet, with a capacity of 160 Tbps.

Source: Frederic Lardinois at TechCrunch