About Us

RJO Ventures, Inc. is a cloud-first managed services company.
We offer flexible, best-in-class cloud managed services that go beyond the IT department. We’re focused on building a community of customers that maximize cloud and SaaS services to drive their businesses through business insight, agility, automation and productivity.

We work with education, corporate, government and nonprofit customers.


You've reached a technology inflection point that prevents the organization from moving forward. RJO Ventures, Inc. relieves you of the necessary research, review, recommendation and solution acquisition effort, so you remain focused on your business, while we do the strenuous information technology work for you.

Our professional consultants are experts with leading edge information technology solutions, hardware, software and consulting, which keeps you ahead of the competitive curve.

We provide strategic, tactical, practical, easily understood information technology research and review, then recommend the best hardware/software/consulting solutions to meet your business needs.

We strongly believe in delivering innovative, independent strategies and effective tactical actions, that are not restricted by vendor or supplier agendas. We recommend the best solution available that align with your technology and business goals.

With years of information technology experience, RJO Ventures, Inc., a strategic, tactical, information technology consultancy, helping top management in small to medium size businesses (SMB), regional firms, local, national, global companies and government agencies, make key decisions regarding their information technology needs and attainment of business goals. RJO Ventures, Inc. will research, then recommend, all-inclusive strategic, tactical, information technology solutions, that can include the provision of software and/or hardeware products, which will provide management the clarity, means and direction needed to make critical technology decisions.

Decision focus areas include: IT consulting, professional services, software and hardware selection recommendations. RJO Ventures, Inc. will be the reliable expert at understanding business goals and the enhancement of information technology systems, services and solutions, by which to help companies achieve their business goals.

RJO Ventures, Inc., can also provide our clients with the hardware and software products required to support their information technology infrastructure needs and goals.

Technology partners include: Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo, Verizon and others.

Guided by RJO Ventures, Inc.'s founder and CEO, Richard John, he has long and significant information technology experience. The added-value he has personally delivered for companies in various industries has helped them make excellent technology solution decisions. This effort is then translated into robust, scalable, extensible solutions, which help support management in meeting their business goals. Richard John's professional success is the basis upon which RJO Ventures, Inc. was created.

Richard John, Founder and CEO of RJO Ventures, Inc., Information Technology Company, 786-208-1529, www.RJOVenturesInc.com

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