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Microsoft Partner Network: Website Development, Website Design and Website Hosting Services Provided by: RJO Ventures, Inc.

We have over ten years of experience in the website publishing industry. Our team is dedicated in providing the best customer service possible.

We've worked with many organizations, individuals and small businesses in different industries throughout South Florida. Our developers have worked behind-the-scenes on many websites, handling and maintaining the programming side, which includes the foundation and functionality of the entire website(s). 

The majority of our team members work remotely, thus, allowing us the flexibility to work efficiently and sufficiently. We're always available for our clients and customers because of that. Our forms of communication (phone, text, email, social media) makes it easy to communicate with us. 

Utilizing Microsoft's technologies, our product and service offerings are top notch. As an official authorized partner with Microsoft, we're able and capable of delivering the highest quality web services, combined with our professionalism and expertise guaranteed. Starting at only $799.99. Contact us anytime to discuss your website technology needs!

Richard John (Operations Management)
RJO Ventures, Inc.

P.O. Box 640337
Miami, FL. 33164
Call or Text: 786-208-1529