IT Services: Healthcare Solutions []

IT Services: Healthcare Solutions []; RJO Ventures, Inc., Microsoft Azure Partner

Microsoft for healthcare provides innovative solutions that empower organizations to achieve more.

Deliver better care more securely

Provide the right information at the right time for patients and staff, by putting people at the center and helping ensure the compliance, confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of your data.

Improve patient experiences, orchestrate integrated operations across clinical and administrative staff and gather new levels of insight to improve operational outcomes.

IT Services: Healthcare Solutions []; RJO Ventures, Inc., Microsoft Office 365 Partner

1. Office Applications
2. Safe, Secure Email
3. Safe, Secure Files and Documents
4. Great Tools for Your Team to Collaborate and Integrate With

The Applications are Easily Downloaded and Run on Your Laptop or PC (Not in a Browser Such as Google Apps)

You Pay a Small Amount Per User, Per Month, Rather Than a Large, One-Time Purchase

Install Office Application on Up To 5 Devices (PC, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet...)

All Support and Security Updates are Included and are Automatic