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Google's 'Area 120' where employees can build their own startups []

Google has a new division called 'Area 120' where employees can build their own startups. Featured @ RJO Ventures, Inc. for Promotional Use Only. :-)

Google is creating an in-house startup incubator to help keep its entrepreneurial talent closer to home.

Here’s how Area 120 will work:

  • First, teams within Google will submit a business plan and apply to join Area 120.

  • If successful, the teams will get to work full-time on their idea for a few months.

  • They’ll then have the opportunity to pitch Google for additional funding and create a new company (which Google will invest in).

The name “Area 120” is a reference to Google’s famous “20% time.” Here’s a description of 20% time that Larry Page and Sergey Brin included in their 2004 IPO letter:

"We encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google," they wrote. "This empowers them to be more creative and innovative. Many of our significant advances have happened in this manner."

Source: Business Insider -

Nasir Jones 'Hip-Hop Legend' now a Silicon Valley Angel Investor/Venture Capitalist []

Nasir Jones 'Hip-Hop Legend' now a Silicon Valley Angel Investor/Venture Capitalist. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. for Promotional Use Only. 

Nasir Jones, the multi-platinum selling rapper better known by his stage moniker "Nas," hails from Queens, New York, who first hit the charts more than 20 years ago has quietly transitioned into a prolific angel investor — founding the venture capital firm QueensBridge Venture Partners.

QueensBridge, based in Los Angeles, invests in more than 40 start-ups across a range of sectors like financial technology, health care and music production.

Full Feature at: CNBC (Click Here)

FIU Medical Students Form Healthcare Organization "KORE Haiti, Inc." to Help Haitians []

FIU Medical Students Form Healthcare Organization "Kore Haiti, Inc." to Help Haitians. Featured at RJO Ventures, Inc. for Promotional Use Only

Accilien and two of his friends, Stevenson Chery and Samuel Jean-Baptiste, have much in common. They are all third-year medical students at FIU's Wertheim College of Medicine, they share Haitian heritage and a common goal, to get involved with helping the desperately poor in Haiti.

They organized a group to promote three core values in Haiti: health care, education and economic sustainability. In a play on words, they would call it KORE, which means "support" in Creole.


Microsoft’s Azure partners with R3 Blockchain Consortium []

Microsoft’s Azure partners with R3 Blockchain Consortium - Featured @ RJO Ventures, Inc.

Microsoft just announced a deal to provide the computing power for a big group of banks working on ambitious new blockchain-related projects.

Microsoft formed a partnership with a New York-based startup called R3 CEV, which is leading a group of more than 40 banks that includes Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Citigroup, Bank of America Corp., and Morgan Stanley. Through the agreement, the banks will have open access to Azure, a cloud-based service for businesses, as well as dedicated staff and resources from Microsoft.

It’s another step deeper into the world of blockchain technology for Microsoft. Underscoring its importance to the company, the partnership is being unveiled on Monday as part of a keynote speech by CEO Satya Nadella at the company’s Envision conference in New Orleans.

R3 is a private startup, founded in 2013 and majority owned by banking veteran David Rutter, that established the blockchain-banking consortium in September with nine banks. It has since expanded that group to more than 40 banks around the world. The consortium’s goal is to test and build products that utilize the blockchain. That could be new trading and settlement platforms, or issuing financing and securities.

Crockett Foundation's "Coding in Academics" Program Works for South Florida Students []

Crockett Foundation's "Coding in Academics" Program Works for Broward County Middle Schhol Students! Featured @ RJO Ventures, Inc.

Source: NBC 6 South Florida

...the perfect age for the Coding In Academics program. It's a pilot project, sponsored by Leadership Broward and the Crockett Foundation. The CIA's mission is to expose kids to college-level computer programming and the high-tech careers that come along with that skill. "We ask the kids, do you know Mark Zuckerberg? No, they don't, but they're on Facebook every day," said Crockett Foundation president Henri Crockett.

Thirty students at Deerfield Beach Middle School are in the program now. Every Friday, they take a bus to Broward College, where a professor teaches them the lesson of the week, and they work on it at school Monday through Thursday. Whether it's creating apps or building websites, the kids are tossed into the deep end, earning high school credit for the class.

"The engagement level is just a hundred percent, you can't buy that," said Francene Baugh, the principal at Deerfield Middle. "This is giving them the confidence to want to go to college.

"Well they're enjoying themselves, you see 'em working, their minds are working, they're thinking outside the box, they're being more innovative, being more creative and for the kids that's what you want, you want them to start opening their minds up and once they do that, the world opens up to them," Crockett said. According to Crockett, in the computer science, high-tech sector of the economy, only 3% of jobs are filled by women, and only about 1% by minorities.

The CIA is trying to change that. "So I see this class as an opportunity to actually learn how to code and be able to get one of those 14 million jobs that are not being filled by Americans but actually being filled by other people from other countries," said Kervens St. Preux, one of the students in the class. The next step is to expand the CIA program. Crockett says they will have a six-week summer version of the class, and with more funding, they hope to be in more schools next year.

Miami-Dade County Agrees to $45 Million Bailout for Frost Science Museum []

Miami-Dade County Agrees to $45 Million Bailout for Frost Science Museum; Featured @ RJO Ventures, Inc. Promotional Use Only.

Source: NBC 6 South Florida

The Frost Science Museum will soon get a boost of funds from Miami-Dade County, after commissioners agreed this week to give $45 million to help pay for the completion of the facility.

The county pledged $165 million in bond money. Private donations were expected to be in the $107 million range but county Officials say just $33 million has been donated and spent.

The original deal called for the county to give the museum $4 million each year to help pay operational costs. Instead the county will provide the lump sum of $45 million to help wrap up construction.

The plan is for this facility to be open by the end of 2016.