Marketing Technologist: eHealth and Corporate Communications []

Marketing Technologist: Marketing and Corporate Communications []

Marketing Technologist: Marketing and Corporate Communications []

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What We Do: 

Manage, implement and optimize marketing technology strategies and projects including web architecture and applications, eHealth, mobile, CX/UX, and marketing automation to ensure initiatives drive desired business outcomes. Work closely with clients and vendor partners to define requirements, set appropriate expectations for capabilities and timelines for alignment with overall marketing strategy. Lead cross-functional teams in planning, organizing and successfully executing marketing technology projects.


Detailed Responsibilities:

• Work with internal customers to articulate business needs and develop technical requirements that leverage appropriate technologies and design to create an optimal customer and patient experience and drive the desired business outcome.

• Develop project plans and convene and lead cross-functional teams to assess and develop recommended solutions and execute the projects in alignment with initiative and marketing objectives.

• Manage the Content Management System (CMS) infrastructure, workflows and processes; work with IT and server-side developers to integrate legacy systems, databases, interactivity, and other functions into the websites using technical knowledge of CMS, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

• Manage, measure and analyze analytics and data for site usability and business objectives; provide actionable recommendations to key decision makers to support performance improvement across customer segments, products and channels.

• Collaborate with our content team to support implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives including analysis, link building and content. Collaborate with our Information Technology partners, providing insight from web analytics to help inform best practices for customer interactions with web and mobile-based applications.

• Work closely with external technology partners such as Microsoft and Google to both understand and leverage capabilities of marketing technology tools and as key members of cross-functional implementation teams.

Marketing Technologist: Marketing and Corporate Communications []