Digital Marketing Specialists []

Digital Marketing Specialists []

Digital Marketing Specialists 

Richard John (Director of Digital Marketing) | 786-208-1529

Experienced copywriter(s) to help improve the effectiveness of our clients' and customers' website, print, and marketing materials.

We have a passion for writing, possess strong written communication skills, and have the technical skillsets to implement our work on digital platforms.

We work with staff to improve the user experience and drive traffic to our clients' and customers'  websites by writing and implementing compelling blog posts and marketing on websites, emails, and print pieces. 

We develop objectives, establish and maintain tone, and define best practices, standards, and processes to attract prospective customers and retain current customers.

We collaborate with Directors of Marketing to develop, execute, and assess content marketing strategies to maximize results. Lead the development of compelling and engaging content (combining writing, photography, and video) that conveys the value of our clients' and customers' brand.

We ensure audience needs are met through relevant and timely web content updates. Always partnering with marketing experts to write compelling email sequences and letters for clients and customers. Of course, we adhere to all online digital policies and procedures and safeguard our clients' and customers' assets.

Qualifications: Marketing, Digital Media, Communications