CyberSecurity Awareness Month (October 2020) is Underway. Be Cyber Safe. Learn the Best Habits to Protect Your Personal and Business Data []

CyberSecurity Awareness Month (October 202) is Underway. Be Cyber Safe. Learn the Best Habits to Protect Your Personal and Business Data []

We encourage individuals and organizations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace, stressing personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity.

NCSAM emphasizes “If You Connect It, Protect It.” Throughout October, CISA and NCSA will focus on the following areas in promotions and outreach:

October 1st and 2nd: Official NCSAM Kick-off

Week of October 5th (Week 1): If You Connect It, Protect It

Week of October 12th (Week 2): Securing Devices at Home and Work

Week of October 19th (Week 3): Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

Week of October 26th (Week 4): The Future of Connected Devices

5 Best Ways to Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month.

1. Plan A Conversation.

2. Simulate Phishing Attacks.

3. Deploy an Employee Awareness Training Program.

4. Push Cyber Awareness Posters and Screensavers.

5. Review Your Acceptable Use Policy.

Cybersecurity Investments:

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1. CYBA-ATTAQ (Cyber Security Merchandise):

2. Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats: