Available Now! Audio Production Software for Mixing and Mastering for Engineers! Sequoia 15 Creative Software [RJOVenturesInc.com]

AUDIO PRODUCTION, BROADCASTING, POST-PRODUCTION AND MASTERING WITH SEQUOIA Sequoia is one of the leading software solutions for acclaimed studios that focus on audio production, broadcasting, post-production and mastering.

Sequoia has been one of the leading software solutions for professional audio productions for decades. Sequoia 15 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional users and represents a further milestone in the area of audio production, broadcasting and mastering.

"Sequoia really changed the way I master, specifically the object editor." 

Heba Kadry 
Mixing and Mastering 

Engineer References 
Björk, RAC (Tearing Me Up Remix, Grammy winning), Alex G, Jackie OST (Mica Levi), Neon Indian