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Hi everyone. My name is Richard John and I'm the founder of RymatiCAST Mobile Gaming. RymatiCAST Mobile is an indie production company involved in the development of music for video games, television, film, cartoons, anime and mobile apps.

We now have plans on developing mobile gaming applications for many devices (smartphones, tablets, consoles and computers). The music is comprised of but not limited to: instrumental, theme music, sound effects and soundtracks.

Our goal is to have everyone indulged in a great and satisfying mobile gaming and interactive app experience. It'll benefit many people from around the world, by providing not only entertainment but education, life lessons (team work, leadership and discipline).

Whether if they're children or adults, there will be plenty of apps from our catalogs for everyone. In which, all apps will provide all the essential benefits mentioned above.

The funds will be used to pay for: 1. additional developers to code the mobile apps to existence, 2. a website for each app for promotion, 3. animator, 4. marketing and advertising (online, street team), 5. publicist to contact various mobile gaming media outlets to get the word out.

We will need the funds by October 7, 2017. 

The support would mean so much for me! This opportunity will allow me to embark on a new business venture that I will personally manage and operate with my vision and under my guidance with my team. 

As a reward for your help, I will include your name in the associate producer credit, provide a ROI payout in the same amount invested, plus an additional payout bonus (TBD), based on the revenue generated from downloads, ads, streams and or licensing deals. Also, you will receive some cool merch like t-shirts, stickers , hats, etc.

Join us in this fun and exciting journey! (CLICK HERE)